Clown Purge Begins at GTS Wrestling PPV Event – Knee healthy enough for competition

GTS Wrestling suckaslam 2018 ppv event in this clown purge video with philly mike swansons knee healthy enough for competition in wwe2k19 sports entertainment event of the summer summerslam parody ppv video! Save 10% on your wrestling figures with promo Code “GRIM” here: Thumbnail logo by Danny HalpinAdditional context: This is fictional comedic fantasy role play professional wrestling wwe youtube channel style sports entertainment. Dont miss daily episodes from the greatest toy collector of all time, GRIM!VLOG CHANNEL: TOY CHANNEL: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: GET GTS ROSTER T-SHIRTS HERE: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Grims Toy Show does NOT have a FACEBOOK GRIM’S fan run INSTAGRAM account @GTSAMABASSADOR

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  Aug 17, 2018