Best Online Poker Site For US Players

We can’t really know if poker site is legitimate until we get paid. Many claim to be the best, but in my opinion, there is only one best poker site for US players. I play ONLY at: …To date I cashed out $3000 …first check: …second cash out of $1000:
Don’t get me wrong, I played poker before, but I have never, ever cash out more than $900. I have played at this site for a while now (about 4 months) and I have won over $4000 there, but what’s most important, I received the money I won … I have spend it already :).
Now I can make multiple re-deposits and still free roll. I’m telling you, it’s a wonderful feeling and best way to play poker. If I can give amateurs (such as myself) any advice; if you win, cash out and enjoy it! If you want to play again, re-deposit, making only small deposits at the time. That will protect you from losing it all when you tilt, steam or run bad, and will stop you from buying into games that are out of your bank roll.
How did it start for me? My initial investment was very marginal. I made a deposit of $100, and I received very quick (comparing to other online poker sites) incremented bonus of $100.
I did hear a lot of good things about this poker site in the past, but I decided to play it safe anyway. Lets be real, people say a lot of things, usually unable to back it up with any proof.
Why do I post this? I decided to share my experience with others, because I actually can … and I’m willing to. I know internet is mostly talk when comes to online poker, and best place to play. Sure you can find many people telling you how they played and won, but no one is willing to prove it. I personally believe in online poker legitimacy and I’m willing to stand by it.
There are only few poker websites out there that still offer online poker to US players. They all claim to be the best, no surprise there. Unfortunately its not like we have a lot of legitimate information coming from online poker players. Winning online poker players usually keep it to themselves. They don’t go online and share (brag about) their success. On the other hand, you can hear about bad beats and runner runners all day long. That’s just how it is.
I made a deposit of only $100, and to date I made 4 redeposits of $100 each. I have won over $4000 and cashed out over $3000! I received 2 checks so far and they both cleared with no problems. If you look for legitimate place to play online poker in the USA, this site is legit and best, in my humble opinion.
Best of luck!
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